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Inspection Information

Interactive Voice Response System

The City of Federal Way uses an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to schedule, cancel, or reschedule building inspections and/or obtain inspection results. Residents may do this by calling 253.835.3050.

Required Information
Have the following information ready:

  • 10-digit permit number found on building permit
  • 4-digit inspection code
  • Date of inspection - Call prior to 4:00 pm for next business day
  • Phone number - Best way to reach you during business hours

You will be given a confirmation number. If you do not receive a confirmation number, the inspection was not successfully scheduled. We recommend that you note your confirmation number for use when communicating with our office about any inspection problems you may experience.

Inspection Time
A specific inspection time cannot be guaranteed. The system will allow you to leave a voice mail with your time preference and/or special instructions at the end of the call. The inspector will accommodate requests for preferred time frames as scheduling and workloads allow.

  • Inspections must be requested prior to 4:00 pm to be scheduled for the following (working) day.
  • Every effort will be made to perform inspections on the requested day, but it may take up to 48 hours, depending on workload. Priority will be given to homeowners, concrete inspections, reroofs, and other time- or weather-sensitive types of inspections.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, inspections not performed on the requested day will automatically be scheduled for the next working day and will be given prority status.

Inspections will not be performed (and you may be assessed reinspections fees) if:

  • The approved site copy of the permit / plans / inspection card is not on site and available to the inspector
  • The site address is not clearly posted
  • Your inspector does not have access to the site or project - it is the responsibility of whoever is requesting an inspection to provide any special equipment, such as ladders, required to access any aspect of the project
  • There are untrestrained pets on the site
  • There is not an adult (over 18) on site to provide access to an occupied home or business

Inspection Issues
Please call the Permit Center at 253.835.2607 if:

  • You do not receive a confirmation number
  • You need to change or cancel an inspection on the day it is scheduled to occur
  • Your scheduled inspection does not occur